Thomas Mower Meets With Dalai Lama February 22, 2010    

-Receives Prestigious Champion Award From Whole Child International-

Los Angeles, California-2010-02-22-

Tom_Dalai LamaThomas Mower Sr., Chairman of SISEL International, received the first ever Whole Child International Champion Award. Whole Child International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating the quality of childcare for vulnerable orphans worldwide, founded by Karen Gordon in 2004.

“On behalf of Whole Child International, I want to thank Tom for all that he has done to support us.  We literally would not be here today if it were not for Tom Mower’s generous contributions, which have been central to our growth.  As a key supporter, Tom and SISEL International have stepped up and played an instrumental role in securing the future of Whole Child, enabling us to further our work to improve the lives of institutionalized children worldwide.” said Gordon. “At Whole Child, we leverage the incredible hard work being done by many people around the world to make sure that we get the kinds of outcomes that we want to see; the children can go on to ultimately be productive members of society.”

Chosen for his support and dedication to Whole Child International, Mower was presented with the Whole Child International Champion Award, along with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, also in Los Angeles to receive the 2010 Whole Child International Humanitarian Award.  His Holiness spoke to the crowd of thousands at the Gibson Amphitheater, about the emotional needs of vulnerable children worldwide and the importance of cultivating compassion for others.

Tom_KarenSupporting Whole Child International was the Dalai Lama’s primary reason for coming to Los Angeles, and both Mower and the organization’s Founder and CEO, Karen Gordon, spent several hours meeting with His Holiness as they discussed how to further the Whole Child International mission of caring for vulnerable children around the world.

Mower, a leader in the field of nutritional and personal care products and natural cosmetics, has donated over $1 million to Whole Child International.  “For me, it’s an opportunity to do something worthwhile,” said Mower.  “It is nice to see how our contributions are having such a great impact on promoting the good that Whole Child International is providing, and that our efforts and those of our SISEL distributors are put to such meaningful use. Having the Dalai Lama with us to support our efforts is wonderful, and I believe that 2010 will be an exceptional year as we continue to work together with Whole Child International in this great cause.” 

SISEL distributors and employees have also joined Mower in donating time and money in support of Whole Child International.  SISEL has established the Earth Stewardship Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to aiding institutionalized children, along with providing safe havens for endangered wildlife and fragile environments.  SISEL and the Earth Stewardship Foundation partnered with Whole Child International in 2007 to support the Whole Child International mission of improving the quality of care for vulnerable and institutionalized children.  Whole Child International seeks to bring the gifts of hope and possibility to these children, and to provide the opportunity to live happy, well-adjusted and fulfilling lives.   Whole Child International provides caregiver training designed to promote nurturance and loving care in small family-like groups.  The relationships that Whole Child International has developed with a host of academic institutions have provided the most advanced and sophisticated foundation for its work and strengthened program development.


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Utilizing evidence-based, high-performance ingredients, SISEL produces powerful nutritional and personal care products based on solid science.  These highly advanced products are developed in SISEL’s state-of-the-art research and development laboratories and produced in their world-class manufacturing facility.  The company’s mission is to create heath, wealth and happiness for SISEL distributors and consumers throughout the world by providing life-giving products and success-oriented opportunities through SISEL’s generous compensation plan.  SISEL’s products are free from potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in other commercial brands.  For more information on SISEL International, or the Earth Stewardship Foundation, visit the company’s official websites at and




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About Whole Child International

Whole Child International is a global NGO working to elevate the level of childcare for vulnerable children worldwide. It believes that all children, as a matter of human rights, should have the opportunity to fulfill his or her developmental potential. Whole Child International strives to build culturally sensitive solutions that incorporate best practices into the care of institutionalized children. Over the past three years, Whole Child has staged interventions in eight childcare institutions with the support of government organizations in Central America, and plans to continue to implement their programs worldwide. Learn more at



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