Product F016002-00-01 Terminator Mouth Rinse

Studies indicate that many mouthwashes may increase the risk of cancer. Terminator contains stabilized Cl02, eliminating mouth odor, is free from potentially harmful ingredients. Uses Xylitol, leaving a protective mantle on teeth to keep bacteria from depositing. Contains calcium hydroxyapatite, supporting dental health that lasts.

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Product F129026-00-01 Terminator Mouth Rinse - 2 oz

Terminator Mouth Rinse is an advanced oral health formula containing stabilized chlorine dioxide, xylitol, and potassium phosphate, that is tough on microbes yet gentle on oral tissues. Instead of hiding bad breath, Terminator wipes out odor at the source!

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Product F016003-00-01 SUPRASHINE® Toothpaste

Good dental hygiene is essential for the long-term health and appearance of your teeth and gums. The key ingredient in SupraShine is stabilized Cl02 which eliminates mouth odor, and attacks troublesome microbes that promote cavities, gum disease, and odor. Contains calcium hydroxyapatite, the same minerals found in teeth, supporting strength and dental health that lasts.

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