Product F100045-00-01 Actify 6000 Face & Neck Cream

Revolutionary ingredients deeply moisturize the face up to 6,000 percent in vitro that link up within the skin’s own replenishing stuctures. Powerful antioxidants for sunlight keep the face free from environmental stress.

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F100045-33-01   60 ml/2.0 fl oz  
Product F129104-00-01 Intensified Progesterone Cream

Intensified Progesterone Cream helps to provide support and balance for feminine needs and may address the natural concerns associated with maturing by providing supplemental natural progesterone to the skin for deep, soothing penetration. While many products use synthetic or ineffective versions of progesterone, often called progestin, progestogen, or dioscorea (unrefined wild yam), Sisel’s progesterone is distilled from the finest natural sources and is structurally identical to the progesterone created by the human body. This natural substance is often more easily accepted by the skin for potentially quick and lasting results.

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F129104-33-01   118 ml/4 fl oz  
Product F130038-00-01 FulFill Bust & Sagging Skin Enhancer

As we age, our skin thins, wrinkles, and sags. This is most noticeable around the eyes, lips, hands, neck, and breasts. Sisel’s Fulfill was formulated to tighten, firm, and plump the skin by working with the skin itself as well as the fat cells directly beneath.

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F130038-33-01   2 OZ  
Product F130522-00-01 SkinDu Moisturizing Mist

A light, high-moisture-binding spritz that deeply hydrates your skin with youth-enhancing ingredients such as coconut water extracts, activators, and small-sized hyaluronites as found naturally in your skin. With only a few light sprays, the appearance of aged skin will seem to disappear, leaving a fresh natural glow. Softness and moisturization will have a new meaning for your skin.

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Product F012001-00-01 Firming Facial Cleanser

A rich blend of moisturizers gently lifts dirt, oils, and makeup residues from the face giving it a fresh, clean glow. Free from harsh cleansers like sulfates and other ingredients that irritate, damage your skin’s vitality, and leave soapy residues that clog your pores.

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F012001-33-01   220 ml/7.43 fl oz  
Product F127162-00-01 Supra Shave Gel

Prepares your skin and swells hairs for a smooth shave. Nano-lubricants behave like ball bearings, reducing friction between your razor and skin for a shave that lasts, and suppresses the appearance of unsightly hair regrowth, ingrown hair, and razor bumps.

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Product F130637-00-01 Hand and Body Lotion Spa Fresh

Moisturizes, protects, and rejuvenates tired, dry or troubled skin. Rich ingredients leave your skin silky soft and irresistible to touch. Sisel Hand and Body Lotion provides protective relief from exposure to harsh environments.

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F130637-33-01   120 ml / 4 fl. oz.  
Product F130564-00-01 Everfresh Deodorant

Everfresh Deodorant

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Product F100037-00-01 Absolve Liquid Hand Cleanser

Featuring a proprietary, sulfate-free blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, Absolve lathers up nicely, has a fresh scent, cleans and rinses away films and residues leaving the skin in a more naturally soft condition without stripping away the skin’s protective mantle.

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F100037-33-01   220ml/7.4 fl oz