Mower Mountain 2009!
April 15, 2009

Get ready for the time of your life! Once again we will be hosting twenty-five Distributors and a guest of their choice for celebrity-style treatment at Mower Mountain. Twenty Distributors will receive an invitation for earning the most points during the three-month challenge period, March 1—May 31, 2009, and five will be invited for enrolling the most new Distributors and Preferred Customers over the past year, June 1, 2008—May 31, 2009.

Although seemingly impossible, we intend on making this year’s event bigger and better. The 2008 winning Distributors were showered with exclusive gifts like luxurious bathrobes, hand-dipped chocolates, and engraved awards to name just a few. Branded apparel like authentic western wear and boating attire were gifted to all in order to complement the day’s activities. In addition, we put on a beautiful spread of delicious food and fun entertainment that were enjoyed by everyone.

Look forward to a retreat full of gifts and recreation from July 29—Aug 2, 2009, and with so many innovative products being released, it will be the intense leadership and in depth product training that will prove to be the most valuable.

Good luck to all, and we hope to see you on Mower Mountain.

Best Regards,





Tom Mower Sr.

Following are the three ways you can earn your spot:

1. Twenty Distributors will receive an invitation by earning the greatest number of points during March 1 — May 31, 2009. (see point system below).

2. Three Distributors will earn an invitation for enrolling the most new Distributors from June 1, 2008 — May 31, 2009.

3. Two Distributors will be invited for enrolling the most new Distributors and Preferred Customer from June 1, 2008—May 31, 2009.

Point System

1 Point: Personally enroll a Distributor who places an order of 100 PV and enrolls in the AP program.

5 Points: Help a new Distributor become an Executive.

1-3 Points: Earn one point for each month your new Executives qualify and maintain their Executive status for a maximum total of three points.






Matthew and Heidi Schneck

Founding Distributors

When meeting Matthew and Heidi Schneck, you are quickly impressed with their genuine warmth and caring for others. As you get to know them better, you learn that along with their kind hearts, they both have earned graduate degrees from prestigious universities and have impressive work experience with impeccable ethics.

Together they have been Founding and Master Distributors for two successful network marketing companies. Jointly they built, managed, and trained organizations all over the world with the net result of $100,000,000 in annual sales. From their vast experience, they have created one of the most dynamic and comprehensive training and support programs called the True Advantage System™. Their program has been field-tested and proven to bring success in the network marketing industry, and is doing the same for their rapidly growing SISEL organization.

In addition, Matt is also the COO and President of Simplicity Group—a national web application development firm. His golden touch has Simplicity Group on the fast track, and INC 500 ranked it #12 in 2008 as one of the fastest growing business service companies in the country.

When asked why they decided to become SISEL Distributors, Heidi responded, “Simple, everybody likes to be on a winning team. SISEL has all of the elements to be the next multi-billion dollar company in this industry. We wanted to help build the next great success story.”

Matt continues, “One of the primary reasons we partnered with SISEL is because of the diverse product lines. I like to remind our leaders that “one-trick ponies” eventually lose their luster. If you want to build a successful, long-term business, you need more than one or two products. SISEL has a fantastic variety of science-tested, great-for-you products, and they are continually adding new products to the lineup making this business more powerful and lucrative every day.”

With all their success and many awards and accolades, Matt and Heidi still believe that their greatest achievements are their two incredible daughters, Hanna (6) and Siri (4). Even with all they do, Matt and Heidi are all about balance. Their actions speak louder than words, and the Schnecks do keep their priorities in check: Family, Faith, and then Business.

Matt, when sharing a life-changing story of his mother, told how she gave him a small, wallet-sized card and said, “You will never know when someone may catch a dream from you.” He still carries that card today and shares this simple advice, “Dream big, set your goals, share your dreams, and keep your commitments—to yourself and others. If you do this, you will find great joy and success in your life and your business.”

SISEL University

Congratulations to Marty Holker!

Almost 100 new Distributors attended the first ever SISEL University from March 21-22, 2008. Marty created the event to provide an intensive training with his new recruits. For two days, Distributors listened to Tom Mower Sr. and Tom Mower Jr. provide in depth product training while Marty gave comprehensive instruction about SISEL’s lucrative compensation plan. With a tour to the manufacturing plant, Distributors were allowed to buy as many products as they were able to carry—and they did! The momentum is ramping up, and SISEL expects more and more of these successful events. Well done, Marty!

Compensation Plan Update

Creating and maintaining a lucrative home-business has never been so important. At SISEL we are committed to do everything possible to help you accomplish your commission goals. Fine-tuning the compensation plan will ensure our forward momentum while generously compensating our greatly appreciated Distributors.

  1. The Recruiting Incentive commission has not changed; however, it will now be paid monthly rather than weekly. It will also be paid at the close of your new recruit’s first month.
  2. Retail Price will now be called the “Product Price.”
  3. The Product Profit Bonus*, formerly known as Retail Bonus, is the difference between the Product Price and the Wholesale Price**.
  4. The Lifestyle Bonus/Car Bonus was created to help our committed Executives promote their growing success. We are happy to announce that 3-Star Executives and higher are only required to earn a commission check of $2,000 from WBV in a month to qualify for the Lifestyle Bonus/Car Bonus. 3-Star Executives are no longer required to maintain the $2,000 commission check for three consecutive months.

We are devoted to bringing health and wealth to the world, and as our Distributor, you are our #1 priority.

*The Product Profit Bonus, formerly Retail Bonus, comes from Downline product purchases, and it serves Distributors to develop their organizations. At SISEL, we have revolutionized that concept by making sure the Distributor can utilize those profits.

** The Product Profit Bonus pays up to 100% less the .1 processing fee related to professional banking services, value added tax, and administration costs.

Compliance Corner

Starting your own business can be a rewarding, but daunting challenge. To assist SISEL Distributors, we have a highly informative Compliance Department. This fantastic resource answers your questions about the following:

• Company policies and procedures
• Rules that govern claims
• Media advertising
• Creating a replicating website
• Registering your own website

Please send questions to

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