Product F127306-00-01 2 GB SISEL USB Flash Drive

This 2 gigabyte plug-and-play portable storage device has a protected USB connector and is small enough to attach to a key chain. With enough space to store pictures, presentations, and even music and videos, it is a great business tool.

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F127306-00-01     EUR12,79   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F026189-00-01 SISEL PIN

Small SISEL Oval Red Lapel Pin

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F026189-00-01     EUR0,98   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F133863-16-01 Sisel hand Towel

The exclusive Sisel Hand Towel

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F133863-16-01     EUR9,00   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F133864-16-01 Sisel compact mirror

Women and men alike can utilize this great Sisel travel mirror. Its sleek design allows it to fit anywhere you need it. It is the perfect size for a purse, backpack or pocket. Whether you're freshening up or peering around corners, Sisel's Compact Mirror will be perfect for you!

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F133864-16-01     EUR2,00   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F026020-00-01 Inflatable FuCoyDon Bottle

Over two feet tall, the inflatable FuCoyDon bottle will make a terrific display at meetings or tradeshows. The rich, graphic design is a potential eye-catcher that brings you new contacts.

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F026020-00-01     EUR14,76   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F026005-00-01 Ogio SISEL Brief/ Computer Case

Ogio SISEL brief/computer cases are made locally in Utah, and have a reputation for being tough, protective and filled with convenient pockets to hold lap-top gear. Large enough for most computer lap-tops.

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F026005-00-01     EUR58,06   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F026008-00-01 Shot Glass

Shot glass (4 oz.) is ideal for your daily dose of FuCoyDon, SpectraMAXX or Eternity. Thick shot glass with the gold SISEL logo is also ideal to serve guests SISEL beverages or your favorite mix.

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F026008-00-01     EUR3,94   VAT included   Qtd:    Order
Product F026029-00-01 Women's Fossil Watch

A stylish, stainless-steel watch made especially for women. You’ll love the bright, SISEL red on the face of the watch.

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F026029-00-01     EUR67,90   VAT included   Qtd:    Order