Product F131640-00-01 Sisel Pops Single(24CT)

Enjoy these sweet, sugar-free candies as a healthy treat, or even part of your dieting efforts! Sweetened with xylitol and packed with energy boosting ingredients, these nutritious lollipops can support your efforts to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Great for diabetics, carb-conscious dieters, or anyone who wants to cut extra sugar out of their diet!

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Product F131640-00-04 SiselPops, 4 Pack

At last, the candy that’s good for your waistline. What could be better than managing your weight with a bagful of grape-flavored lollipops? Not much. We’ve made slender simple—and tasty. These great-tasting, fructose and sugar-free lollipops help you feel full so you can control your portion-sizes. The result? Slim and sexy. Features a brand-new formula with Opuntia ficus-indica and prickly pear extract.

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